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Terms of Media Accreditation

1. Submission of this credential application does not guarantee a media pass for the tournament. International Soccer Challenge will make contact with all applicants to inform them whether or not their request has been successful.

2. All applicants and each news organization representative must read this application in full and complete and send it to International Soccer Challenge through this form. Note that every individual applying for accreditation should fill out a form.

3. All applicants must be validated by a letter from the Editor, or person-in-charge, of the news organization OR a link to the reporter's bio or a by-lined story on the organization's website. If a letter of validating link is not received then the application will not be processed.

4. The applicant and news organization representative agree that any credentialed journalist/broadcaster will be bound by the terms set out in this application. A separate agreement is available for photographers.

5. If accreditation is granted, the applicant agrees to abide by the directions of International Soccer Challenge staff in relation to times and areas of access for media personnel and safety at the venue.

6. International Soccer Challenge  reserve the right to withdraw the accreditation of any credentialed journalist/broadcaster before or during the match for any reason.

7. Broadcast media should note that the broadcasting of matches live via the Internet is prohibited. Also note that radio rights are non-exclusive.

8. If any TV or film organization is applying to film any aspect of the tournament, i.e. for documentary purposes, video production, etc., you must discuss request with event rights holder. Contact International Soccer Challenge ( ) for details.

9. Arrangements for any telephone and Internet landline connections should be made with International Soccer Challenge, which in turn will arrange with the Venue, once you have received your approved credential. Wireless internet will be provided.